Hey Guys,

Rosters are still being worked out and should be finalized before our first match.  They're pretty much set for the most part, but don't forget, we have a ladder system that allows ANYONE to move up.  If you're really motivated and feel like you can beat some players who are above you...challenge them!
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Tryouts went extremely well.  It's great to see a lot of new faces!  All 3 teams are set, and some people are interested in challenging each other, which is good.  This keeps our top players in shape, while motivating any others who might want to challenge. 

Schedules for practices are being made for all teams; rec members be ready!  You guys are going to start playing inter-league matches very soon.
I'm not sure exactly when our first informational meeting for our club will be, but I'll give you guys an idea of when it might be.  Most likely, we'll meet on Saturday, from 10 to 12.  That's the best I can do for you right now, but I'll let you know as soon as all the preparations are solidified.  For now, get your tennis rackets strung and all your gear together.  Be ready to get on the courts!

Congrats to our Executive Board Members and Positions:

Social Chair - Chris C. and Esther S
Secretary - Oren A.
Vice President - Naveed B.
Treasurer - Abby S.

To those who previously held the positions for the 08-09 year, I want to say thank you.  This club would not be possible without you guys.


The team struggled a bit Saturday, finishing dead last in a quad match with Northwestern, IIT, and Purdue.  Standout players were Brian and Naveed.  Brian won his singles match against Purdue and "bageled" his opponent (won 6-0) and Naveed beat IIT in a singles match 6-1.  At practice we're going to be focusing on a couple things, like service return and movement in doubles.  Those were some things I saw that could definitely use some improvement.  Thanks to everyone who came out and we'll see you guys at practice. 


I had a meeting today with the student association, which basically ended on a very good note.  We're going to be official in a few weeks and then we can start hosting some real events.